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Cretan Honey from Prina  €8.99 
Cretan Honey from Prina

The honey is the very limited quantity of Cretan Thyme and Pine honey which comes from the famous honey-producing region of Prina in north east Crete. Bee-keepers here have been making honey continuously for thousands of years. Thyme and Pine honey is naturally rich in antimicrobial and antioxidant activity The high altitude and prolific beds of wild thyme provide a safe haven of natural food for the bees. But gathering nectar from Thyme is 'time'-consuming' and tiring for the bees (which is one reason why good Thyme honey is so rare), so after a few weeks the bee-keepers relocate their hives to the Pine forests, which provide a more restful form of feeding. The result is a delectable natural mixture of Thyme and Pine honey blended the bees themselves. "Cretan wild mountain honey is amongst the best in the world and this Cretan Thyme-Pine natural combination formed by the bees themselves is divine! Particularly delicious stirred into thick Greek yogurt"

It is 100% natural, packed with natural healthy nutrients, antibacterials and anti-oxidants - just as nature intended.


500 gr