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Anti Stretch Mark Cream 200ml  €19.79 
Anti Stretch Mark Cream 200ml

With labdanum, balsam and calendula oils.

This unique cream with its 100% natural ingredients really helps in tightening the skin and preventing from losing elasticity excluding the possibility of stretch marks.
Even if stretch marks exist, the cream is really effective in reducing their size and fading their color. In both cases a daily use of  this cream  is recommended.

What are Stretch Marks - How do I create?

Stretch marks are red lines that appear when the skin that loses elasticity and "break - open". The most common causes of stretch marks are:
-Hormone - hereditary factors
-Pregnancy and
An abrupt change in weight
that result in the reduction of skin elasticity due to the poor quality collagen.
What has this special cream against stretch marks:

More and more people, men and women feel uncomfortable with themselves due to the appearance of stretch marks and want to get rid of. Whether we are talking about:
-Pregnancy stretch marks,
-Chaps belly
-Or anywhere else they occur,
the plant against stretch marks cream that offers bioaroma, is to give a solution.

The beeswax, shea butter and Balsam, containing used as healing. Aladanos extract and blend essential oils accompanying the cream really offer deep skin tightening maintaining excellent flexibility.
In terms of prevention, it more resistant to "pull", thus excluding the possibility of stretch marks.

If it is already existing stretch marks, treatment and therapy of stretch marks is done gradually. The tightening and remodeling of the skin offering cream really impresses. Stretch marks are visibly reduced, their size is limited and they begin to fade.
In both cases recommended daily use of the cream.

Stretch, treatment and cure of the indicative bioaroma
From our experience, we recommend treatment process to follow is divided into 3 simple but essential steps every day to achieve as quickly as possible the desired result.
1st stage
Use a loofah for exfoliation and cell renewal in your daily bath or shower.
2nd stage
As soon as you exit from your bathroom, and as the skin pores are still open, use cream against stretch marks. Massage the area using a good cream for about 8 to 10 minutes.
3rd stage
Once you finish your massage and over the cream just made massage rub aloe gels for faster absorption especially when talking about morning hours to avoid lubricate your clothes.

It does not provide any advise on health care.

100% Natural product.