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Beeswax Ointment For Skin Problems 40ml  €7.99 
Beeswax Ointment For Skin Problems 40ml

Traditional cretan beeswax ointment with olive oil and essential oils of dittany of Crete, chamomile and lavender for dry skin, burns, wounds and other skin problems
What we mean skin problems and how it affect us?
We all face problems in our skin which are other everyday skin problems and other more

-Dry lips
-nappy rash
-And other skin diseases
None of them has a pleasant feel but beyond that enough of them cause us tingling, pain, and general bad mood. The common beyond ointments containing chemicals, often do their work thus discouraged and continued to look for other solutions.

Why and how can we help the beeswax ointment this;

The beeswax ointment  for skin problems has basic components:

-Olive oil, combined with
-Essential oils dittany,
-And lavender.

The healing and regenerative properties of these 100% herbal ingredients contained in beeswax ointment this does exactly what we want.

Relieves dry skin, dry lips, burns, nappy rash, wounds and other skin ailments, offering significant sense anazogonisis we ask our skin.

It does not provide any advise on health care.

100% Natural product.